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School Policies » Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Hawthorne Cougar Code of Conduct

Cougars are required to:
  • Obey all district, school and class rules.
  • Attend school every day and arrive on time to all classes.
  • Carry their school I.D. and planner at all times. They must show it when required/requested to do so.
  • Remain in class unless issued a valid hall permit.
  • Excuse absences per school attendance policy.
  • Dress, act, and speak in a respectful manner.
  • Keep our campus clean by disposing of trash properly.

Cougars may not bring to school:
  • Weapons, narcotics, tobacco, alcohol, matches, lighters, marking pens, acrylic paint, cards, dice or other gambling items, or any other item or substance that is defined in the Education Code and Penal Code.
  • Electronic devices that are not classroom related (ie CD or MP3 players, headphones, walkie-talkies, handheld games, pagers, text messaging devices, etc.).

Consequences for non-Cougar behavior:
Failure to adhere to any school policy will result in disciplinary action as defined in the Hawthorne High Discipline Policy.