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About Us

Special Announcement: Team 207 Wins Chairman's Award!

Team 207 wins the top individual prize at the FIRST Robotics Competition.  Hawthorne High School's robotics team worked extremely hard to earn the 2015 Chairman's Award at the Los Angeles Regional.  We are very proud of the kids for their accomplishment.

What if there was a School where curiosity RULED?

We are that School! 

The Hawthorne High School of Manufacturing and Engineering Program (HHSME) is a sequence of courses, which follows proven hands on, real world, problem-solving approach to learning. HHSME is tasked with creating the next generation workforce.

Throughout HHSME, students learn and apply the design process, acquire strong teamwork and communication proficiency and develop organizational skills. They discover the answers to questions like how things are made and what processes go into creating products?

Students use the same industry-leading design principals and 3D Design Software used by companies like Northrop Grumman, Boeing and Walt Disney Imagineering. They explore the worlds of architecture and product design to appreciate the world they live in, experiment with aerodynamics and biomechanics to understand the world they use, they are trained in state of the art manufacturing labs to create the world they want.

This is STEM education and it is at the heart of our school.   

Career Pathways

The Manufacturing and Pre-Engineering Career pathway here at Hawthorne High School will provide you a roadmap to follow as you plan your career with interests in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

This pathway begins at the high school level through career specific classes that are created to excite our students and staff in engaging our students at a higher level of learning. Because of this higher level of learning our pre-engineering classes are articulated with local Community Colleges that allow our students to receive college credit in the associated courses. This allows our students to become part of a larger workforce development pipeline that links K12 education with Community Colleges, California State Universities and Industry Partners; Opening the door for HHSME students to enjoy the benefits of School/Industry specific Speakers, Field Trips, Job shadowing,  Apprenticeships, earning credit toward an Associate's Degree or later a Bachelor's Degree at our partnership schools leading to the ultimate goal of employing our students at an Industry Partners place of business.

The following list shows main Industry Sectors that we serve but are not limited to:

Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Machine Tool Technology

Mechanical drafting and design

Industry Partnerships

Hawthorne High- School of Engineering has a long standing history with the local manufacturing sector dating back more than 40 years. We are lucky enough to have multiple industry powerhouses that have shaped our local economy with in arms reach of our school.   

Currently we are part of a K-16 Workforce Development project that is comprised of Local Industry, Local Higher Education, and Local K-12 Education. This group has formed to prepare more young people for careers in manufacturing and engineering.

The following Partners have committed resources to HHSME:

Walt Disney Imagineering

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Chevron Corporation  

Boeing Satellite Systems

Space X

Ace Clearwater

Our Graduate Careers...

Our long history extends past the beginnings of the School of Manufacturing and Engineering by many years. This has allowed us to take advantage to a very strong reputation that the Hawthorne Metal Shop, Wood Shop, Drafting Classes has established in the surrounding industries.

This being the case many of our students have had the privilege to work at many of the local area companies in many different capacities.

HHSME has job shadowing and internship opportunities, that allows our students a inside look at what the future might bring for their individual careers. These range from 20 hours to over 200 hours + , working with industrial professionals on site at one of our industry partner's facilities.

Many of these Shadowing/Internships have evolved into full time and part time employment for our students. Many of these program require our students to continue with higher education while working after graduation.