Prom Information

Marquee (The big electric sign in front of the school)


We would like to advertise your class, event, meeting, speaker, club happenings, organizational successes, and general information to the school and community.


How do we get out your message?


All you need to do is create an image of what you would like to advertise and email the completed image directly to Dr. Hughes 



1.      The Marquee requires a number of items for the image:

a.      The image size can only be 200 x 60 pixels.

b.      You can email most graphic file formats.

c.       Do not use small fonts. They are hard to read. Think large text and short messages.

d.      Contrasting colors work best.

e.      Most colors are available. The challenge is that what looks good on a computer screen does not always translate well to lights.

f.        If you are very computer savvy, you can also include mp4 files in the 200 x 60 pixel format.

g.      On average a person will see the message for 3 seconds. Plan your images using this average.

2.      Please include the time frame you would like image to be on the marquee. (i.e. starting on X date and removing on X date etc.)



We would like to advertise your event, meeting, speaker, club happenings, organizational successes, and general information for all of the students and staff during our morning announcements. Announcements are made at the end of the first block every day except Monday.


How do we get out your message?


If you wish to have an announcement over the PA, please email Dr. Hughes by 1:00 pm the day before the announcement is to be made.  All requests should come from staff only.  Please make sure to include the date you wish the announcement to be read and the word "Announcement" in the subject.  


The announcement script is made the day before to ensure accuracy of the information and details of your announcement are clear. In your request for the announcement, please include the exact wording/script you would like the announcer to announce.



  1. Do not have us read the same exact announcement every day, this will have the listeners tune-out and not listen to the announcements
  2. Please don’t use this time for clean-up or advising students that they do not have to listen and you continue teaching. These extra minutes are built into this period specifically for these announcements. The announcements that are made are important to our community on campus.
  3. Be short and to the point, Bullet points are better than an essay for announcements.
  4. If you have difficult words/names phonetic spelling would greatly help the announcer.
  5. If you want the listener to get further information from you, please don’t forget everyone does not know who you are or where you are, Include your information so they can find you.
  6. We only have 3 minutes for announcements this year, we will do our best to ensure that everyone’s announcement is read.