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Welcome To Bio

Hello! My name is James Rios! I am a new Biology teacher at Hawthorne High School. I am so stoked to be working at Hawthorne this year! I have prepared the following to give you a little bit of a background on me as a person.

Initially when I graduated High School I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. In light of this, I spent 3 years at a community college in Whittier trying to figure what to pursue. Eventually I settled on Sports Medicine (Athletic Training, not to be confused with Exercise Science) and chose to pursue that degree at Azusa Pacific University. However, even though I loved the coursework, upon graduation I found it difficult to find a job at all, let alone one that fit my needs. This effectively lead me back to the drawing board in terms of finding a career. I spent this time working full time leading classes at a Crossfit gym in Downey. Eventually at the behest of many of my clients I decided to give teaching a try as a substitute. From the first day as a substitute I absolutely loved teaching and have only fell more in love with the profession as time has passed. My goal is to make all my students’ hour in my classroom the best hour of their day! I always do my best to make the content not only interesting but relevant to them as human beings.  Thankfully this is super easy since Biology is awesome and all my students are living organisms so pretty much all the content is going to be relevant! I will also always do my best to help all my students to the best of my ability. Anyways, please do not hesitate to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Note: if you are a student trying to get ahold of me please use the [email protected] email (like I told you in the syllabus :P). If you are a parent, simply click the send me an email button! This allows me to better sort my mail. In either case I will get back to you all as quick as I can!


James Rios