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Pathway Curriculum

In the School of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA), we believe that while not all students attend college, our goal should be to ensure that all students have as many options as possible when it's time to make choices about where to go after high school. Completing a course sequence for college readiness helps to provide those options. The course requirements for the UC and CSU systems are consistent with the requirements of the vast majority of colleges in the country, so we use them as our point of reference. They are referred to as the UC/CSU 'a-g' requirements. When we talk about a student meeting 'a-g' requirements, we mean they have taken the courses required in each subject area and have earned C's or above in these courses. This standard exceeds state and district graduation requirements, but we know from a great deal of research that students who meet 'a-g' requirements are better prepared for almost any type of post-secondary education than students who meet only the minimum graduation requirements. Additionally, VAPA offers these unique courses:

Drama Pathway

Drama UC
Technical Theatre UC CPA
StageCraft CMC VAPA
Professional Drama Production VAPA

Instrumental Music Pathway

Beginning and Intermediate Band
Advanced Band/Marching Band
Music Production & Synthesis
Professional Instrumental Music Production VAPA

Vocal Music Pathway

Beginning Chorus
Advanced Chorus
Music Production & Synthesis
Professional Vocal Music Production VAPA

Visual Arts Pathways


Art 1
Adv Art
AP Studio Art
Professional Art Production VAPA

3-D Design
3-D Design 1
3-D Design 2
Art Special Projects
Professional Art Production VAPA

Dance Pathway

Beginning Dance
Technical Theatre
Advanced Dance
Professional Dance Production VAPA