DPAC/DELAC/PTSO CV Family Academy Leadership Meetings: Site Administrator Invite/Presentations

DPAC/DELAC/PTSO CV Family Academy Leadership Meetings: Site Administrator Invite/Presentations
4/12/2022, 9:00 AM 11:00 AM
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NEW DATE/TIME: DPAC/DELAC/PTSO (CV Family Academy Leadership Meetings)
Tuesday, April 12 · 9:00 – 11:00am
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Hello Amazing Colleagues!

 This year we are going to continue the successful practice of including site presentations of programs at each CV Family Academy Leadership Meeting (DPAC/DELAC/PTSO).

 Based on continued interest in the following topics, the 21-22 Districtwide Parent Leadership agenda items are listed below... please plan to attend these meetings prepared to share with the District's Parent Leaders (or an appointed associate principal with key knowledge of the identified program and, whenever possible, a lead teacher and/or student...Parents love to hear from students... please include in your presentation, whenever possible, students (either in person OR pictures/statements) to share their anecdotal experiences and the effects of each on their high school experiences.):


Agenda Topic

Suggestions on what to come prepared to share:

October 18

(send HP PPT in both Spanish and English by Oct 15)

Site Presentations on the content of each SPSA and key points about the SSC

You will have approximately 10 minutes each (40 total) to share your SPSA goals, the dates/times of your 21-22 SSC meeting schedule, key data the SSC is addressing and what impact (on the data) is expected to result from the actions in the 21-22 SPSA.

December 6 (send HP PPT in both Spanish and English by Dec 3)

Site Academy and Athletic Departments Presentations 

You will have approximately 15 minutes each (45 total) to share information about your site's academies and athletics departments.  
PPT/Handout should include the following data points:

  • Number and types (including genders) of each team sport
  • Athlete graduation rates vs. general population
  • UC A-G completion of athletes
  • How struggling athletes are identified and supported
  • Post-secondary matriculation for student athletes (how many attend college and where do they go?)
  • academy enrollment, 
  • Graduation rates of academies vs. general population
  • UC A-G completion rates for academy vs. non-academy
  • Post-secondary matriculation for academies (how many attend college and where do they go?)
  • Dual Enrollment offerings and numbers enrolled (hint: ask your CTEPS)
  • AP access for academy students 
  • Work Based Learning student data (hint: ask your CTEPS), 
  • how students are engaged in on-site internships, and
  •  address how each academy prepares students for College, Career, and Life.

April 4 (send HP PPT in both Spanish and English by April 1)

1. Site Intervention Programs Presentations
2. Site AVID and Honors/Advanced Placement Presentations
3. Site Activities and Associated Student Body Presentations

You will have approximately 10 minutes each (30 total) for each of these three items (total of 90 minutes); please be prepared to share data/information about:
1. Interventions: 

  • impact these courses have on student achievement (what data is tracked and what is it telling you), 
  • number of students enrolled, etc.

2. AVID/Honors/AP: 

  • gender/ethnicity of students enrolled in each program/course type, 
  • impact these programs have on post-secondary matriculation - how many attend university and to where do they go (versus the general population), 
  • supports these students are provided to help them be successful

3. Activities/ASB:

  • What types of student clubs and activities are offered/supported?
  • How many students participate in a club/activity?  How many don't?
  • etc.

May 2 (send HP PPT in both Spanish and English by April 30)

Annual Evaluation of Title I Programs

Title I Evaluation: For this, please come prepared to share your completed SPSA Evaluation form for the 21-22 school year (the one at the end of your SPSA).  Your SSC should have already completed this. 

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