Change in Schedule Due to PSAT This Week (Wed Oct 16)

Next week due to PSAT testing, the schedule will look different for the entire week. See the schedule below. 



Wednesday (PSAT DAY)



Odd Block  Periods

Even Block  Periods

PSAT/12th Grade Activities  08:00am-11:45am

Lunch                           11:45am-12:20pm

Period 5                      12:27pm-1:23pm

Collaboration             01:28pm-2:58pm

Odd Block Periods

Even  Block Periods 


  • Monday is an Odd Block day. School starts at 8am
  • Tuesday is an Even Block Day.   
  • Collaboration has been moved to Wednesday. Students will get out of school at 1:28pm on Wednesday. 
  • Wednesday there is a special schedule for the PSAT in the morning. Students will go to their 5th period after lunch
  • 9th-11th graders will check into their PSAT room based on their English Class. Room assignments will be posted in English classrooms and by the Media Center on test day. 
  • 12th graders will check into the cafeteria  
  • Make sure to bring your Chromebook. 9-11th graders need to bring a calculator.