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This one-year laboratory science course is an introductory-level study of the life sciences. Units of study are based on the Science Framework for California Public Schools and include Cell Biology, Genetics, Evolution, Ecology, Human Physiology, and Investigation and Experimentation. Satisfactory completion of or concurrent enrollment in Algebra 1 is required for the course. This course fulfills one year of the U.C. laboratory science requirements and 10 credits of the science requirement for graduation.

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Systems Project Evaluations

  • 1. What system did you choose and why?
    2. How is your system different from those at your table?
    3. How is your system similar to those at your table?
    4. Use the rubric, assign yourself a grade and rationale for why you deserve that grade?

Notebook 4 CHecklist

1. Agendas
2. Vocabulary Foldable
3. Nervous System Activities
4. 35-2 SQ4Rs (10)
5. 35-2 Notes
6. 35-3 SQ4Rs (10)
7. Nervous System Lab
8. 35-3 Notes (With Positive and Negative Feedback Loop Notes added)

Nervous System Vocabulary Foldable

  • 1. Specialized Cell
  • 2. Homeostasis
  • 3. Feedback Inhibition
  • 4. Neuron
  • 5. Cell Body
    • 6. Dendrite
    • 7. Axon
    • 8. Myelin Sheath
    • 9. Resting Potential
    • 10. Action Potential

Notebook 3

Notebook 3 due Friday
1. Ecology Vocabulary Foldable
2. Life or Death Decision
3. Agenda
4. SQ4Rs 3-1 (10Qs)
5. 3-1 Notes
6. 3-2 Notes
7. Pyramid Model
8. 3-3 Notes
9. 4-2 SQ4Rs (10)
10. Cycles Foldable
11. 4-2 Notes
12. Review WS (Sub)
13. Biodiversity Video (Bill Nye)