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Grading Policies

Standard Grading Policy 
Teachers are to issue grades eight times a year. Credit is granted at the end of each semester. Quarter grades for courses are determined during the ninth week of the fall and spring semester. Progress Reports are issued during the fifth and fifteenth week of each semester. The teacher may issue a Progress Report at any time they feel necessary. Grades are to be entered into the teacher's grade book in ink.

A Excellent, outstanding, superior achievement.
B Above or better than average achievement.
C Average within normal range.
D Below average, lowest acceptable, poor achievement. In Danger of failing the class.
F Fail, unsatisfactory achievement. [No credit given since achievement is too low to be rated as passing.]
INC Incomplete. [Indicates that the student needs to finish a portion of the course before credit and grade can be given.]

An INC grade must be removed within the next school quarter.

When a grade of INC is given, the teacher must do the following:
  • Inform the student receiving the INC grade why the mark was given, and how to make it up.

  • Turn in the INC mark to the Data Processing Office on the Mark Reporting Form.

  • When a student makes up required work during the next quarter, fill out the Change of Letter Grade Form in the Record's Office.

INC should be assigned only due to illness, accident, or some circumstance which warrants an extension of time be given to the student.
NM No Mark. [Indicates that the student has not been in the class long enough for the teacher to evaluate his/her work for that grading period.

All students who have been absent from school must be given an opportunity to make up the work missed; this includes students in Independent study. Exception to this is made in the case of truant or suspended students.

The teacher must submit a grade satisfaction slip for students who have more than 20 absences from a class.

The grade given at the completion of a course shall be final, except where clear evidence exists for clerical or mechanical error, fraud, bad faith or incompetence as per Education Code, Section 47066. In the event a grade change is necessary, the teacher assigning the original grade shall make the change using the grade form, and submitting the same to the designated Associate Principal for approval.