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9th - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Students learn about the American Criminal Justice System from citizens’ rights and structure of government, to our court and prison system.  Students will be able to recite the Miranda Warning and understand what each sentence refers to regarding rights.Finally, students will be made aware of the various types of Criminal Justice Careers and what they do.
10th - Introduction to Criminal Psychology and Sociology
  • Students learn about the varying types of crimes and the impact those crimes have on victims.  They will gain knowledge of victimology, theories of Human Behavior, and other selected topics.  They will understand about profiling and racial profiling, serial killers, and how to identify characteristics of certain types of people.  Students will explore various Criminal Justice careers and begin to understand what each does and how it applies to our system’s functionality.
11th - Forensic Science
  • Students approach Criminal Justice through a scientist’s point-of-view.  With hands-on labs, students are able to apply their knowledge of the law and criminal justice to scientific phenomena.  Some experiments/lab investigations include Fingerprinting, Crime Scene Reconstruction, and Blood Typing.
12th - Introduction to Law
  • Students learn the basics about the laws of the State of California, Penal Code, Health and Safety Codes (Crimes and Drugs), and the Constitutional Bill of Rights.  They will be able to distinguish between assault/battery, various crimes against persons, and topics of special interest such as Active Shooters, School Bullying, and Crimes on Campus.
12th - Administration of Justice 100 and 103
  • Students receive college credit from El Camino Community College while learning about the basics of administration of justice.