School of Criminal Justice

About Us
The School of Criminal Justice promotes knowledge of and respect for the law and will help transform students into civically responsible citizens who may become leaders in their community. Criminal Justice students will develop an understanding of ethics, morals and legal services while being exposed to experiences that explore equality, justice, discipline, awareness, community involvement, civic duties and responsibilities. The coursework will prepare students for college entry or an entry level position in the criminal justice field including: law enforcement, judicial system, counseling, correctional officers, morticians, and crime scene investigators. 

Mission Statement: The mission of the School of Criminal Justice at Hawthorne High School is to provide students with the experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to pursue a career and/or higher education in the field of Public Safety.  Graduates will be prepared for the twenty-first century global workforce with knowledge and skills of public safety to promote diversity. The CTE Public Safety standards will guide and inform instruction and work based learning experiences across the continuum.  We will utilize a variety of intervention strategies to scaffold instruction and support struggling students socially, emotionally, and academically to ensure the aforementioned outcomes.

Vision Statement: The vision of the School of Criminal Justice is to provide rigorous instruction and curriculum, to promote work based learning experiences, and to offer industry-specific certifications to obtain a degree or a career in the public safety pathway. 

*NEW* The following is information on 10th grade items such as: grades, dual enrollment, and support available.
*NUEVO* Lo siguiente es información sobre los elementos del décimo grado, tales como: calificaciones, inscripción doble "dual enrollment" y el apoyo disponible.

The School of Criminal Justice is proud to announce the winners for the Student of the Month, based on good grades, attendance, behavior, and/or improvement: