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SME PRIME Model School

Hawthorne High-School of Manufacturing and Engineering was chosen as 1 in 6 schools in the Nation that exemplifies Excellence in Manufacturing Education in 2012 by the SME Education Foundation
We are an SME PRIME Model School.
Receiving this this distention came with many benefits that have been provided by both SME Education Foundation and SME
What is a PRIME school?
PRIME was created to provide additional support and resources for schools with the following attributes:
•An exemplary manufacturing curriculum that has been in place three years or more and includes a comprehensive program with both academic and hands on fabrication instruction
•Skilled and energetic instructors
•Engaged and active students
•Strong administrative support
•Support from the local manufacturing community
•Students are have access to company tours, job shadows, mentorships, and connections to the manufacturing community
•Opportunity for access to local community college or university manufacturing/engineering postsecondary programs
Please see the link bellow for more information from the SME Education Foundation