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Algebra I and Geometry test and quiz 4/25/14

There will be a test For Geo this Friday 4/25/14.  The test will be on chap 8 material; Pythagorean theorem, sohcahtoa, etc study study study!!!


Algebra I will have a quiz on 8-1, 8-2, 8-3

study:  classifying polynomials, adding and subtracting polynomials, factoring, multiplying binomials and trinomials

Attn: Geo and Alg students

Study up guys Friday we will be taking a quiz.  Geo your test is on transformations focus your studying on reflections and translations.  Know how to write and describe a transformation rule.  Algebra focus on how to calculate slopes, writing/ finding equations of a line, and graphing a line. 

Quiz Algebra on Slopes

Hey guys study up there will be a quiz on Friday on material covered this week.  Slopes and slope intercept form.


Homework for Geometry and Algebra will be due 12/9/13 instead of 12/6/13 please have it ready no excuses.

Geometry part 2 test tomorrow 12/4/13

Study hard my Geometry superstars!!! Tomorrow will be part 2 of Unit 2 test A.  Know how to construct an equilateral triangle.  Also know the differences btwn medians and altitudes. 

GEO and ALG quiz on Friday

Geo and Alg students remember that there will be a quiz tomorrow 11/15/13

Geo= Quiz will be on 4-5 and 5-2 sections of the book

Alg= quiz will be on compound inequalities with and/ or