11th Grade: Juniors

Dear Juniors:
Welcome to junior year! The junior year is often considered the most challenging and exciting year of high school. This is the time for you to make a personal commitment to do your best academically and to experience new extracurricular activities. 
Students applying to four-year colleges and universities may need to take the SAT or ACT. The most common time for juniors to take these tests is in the spring. Speaking of college, think about social/cultural preferences and your personal qualities. Do you want to study in a large or small setting? Where would you like to live during your college years? What would you like to study?
Meet with your counselor! Choose your courses carefully. You want to stretch yourself, academically, but be careful to balance so that your grades reflect your abilities and academic potential. 
Important Junior Information: By clicking on the link below, we have provided you a Powerpoint of resources to help you succeed your junior year. We give you information on topics such as the different types of colleges, military options, EOPS program, ACT/SAT, FAFSA, and more. 
The counseling team looks forward to another great year with you. Stay focused and keep up the good work!
The Counseling Department