10th Grade: Sophomores

Dear Sophomores:
Welcome to your second year of high school! We want to take this opportunity to share some information with you, as sophomore year can impact your future choices and career options. It is important to meet with your counselor at least once a year to review your progress and tailor your goals based on academic performance and change in interests. 
Get excited about college! It's not too early to schedule a few college visits. If you can't travel, visit a few school websites and take their virtual tour. The college website is a great resource to look into special programs that each school offers. Early research is important. You should know WHY you want to attend any college. It's a big investment!
Important Sophomore Information: By clicking on the link below, we have provided a comprehensive Powerpoint of resources to help you succeed during sophomore year and beyond. We have included many important topics such as time management skills, AP courses offered at Hawthorne, the differences between the ACT/SAT, useful websites for college exploration, community partnerships and mental health resources, and options after high school such as college and the military. 
Once again, the counseling team is here to help you succeed! Do not hesitate to stop by our office during nutrition, lunch, after school, or make an appointment. Good luck, sophomores!
The Counseling Department