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WT About Us

Wood Technology Pathway Overview
Courses in our pathway are designed for students to develop a solid background in the fundamentals of woodworking technology.  
Topics include traditional woodworking, cabinetmaking, residential construction, furniture design, and computer aided manufacturing.
Wood Technology Pathway Students Earn College Credit During High School
Students are eligible for college credit for every course in this pathway and receive instruction by an instructor of Construction Technology at El Camino College.  Students who complete every course in the sequence will earn up to 14 units of college credit.
Wood Technology Pathway Students Learn by Working
Students are eligible for college credit for Work Based Learning Wood Tech Pathway students gain experience through their participation in every aspect of the design and construction of relevant, hands-on, highly-engaging professional level projects. Using the same processes and tools as industry to bring these projects to life, students learn and practice employability skills that contribute to success in any career.